6. Solving the Talent Search

Cybersecurity Interns

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I like the idea of cybersecurity interns next summer , but I couldn't figure out how to comment on it.


I think the government needs to realize that there are big bucks to be made in the private sector if you are really good at this, and so they can't expect people to stay in Government. The Government should be prepared to depend on private sector contractors, who can do this work well.


However, experience in other occupations, such as Federal Veterinary Medical Officers, shows that exposing young interns to the rewards of government work early will bring them back to government work when they want to settle down and have a better work and family balance than they can get as a cybersecurity contractor. Then they can come back and be the experienced managers of Government cyber contracts.


I don't believe there is a short cut solution, it will be a continuing effort over time.

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