4.Adopting a Threat-Aware Proactive Defense

Distributed Corroboration Of Service (DCOS)

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The DCOS concept is the opposite of the successful Distributed Denial of Service concept. Basically, we can engineer a product which utilizes the concepts of Big Data and Machine Learning. There will be an app loaded on participating servers, which alerts the administrator via dashboard, of successful attacks and the current state of the "Defense in Depth" posture and offer pertinent courses of actions to harden the system. The "machine learning" would use a service such as http://map.norsecorp.com, to see where attacks are coming from the types and successes, and alert the community of the attack vectors and assess the current networks ability to sustain the attack. If a member of the community’s machine has been compromised, it will alert the community to ensure their not compromised and perhaps, offer mutual agreements to address the potential attack (denial/corroboration) of service.

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