6. Solving the Talent Search

Leverage and Inclusion of All Career Fields

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Given that such a small percentage of the US population is in technical fields, the majority of population is not even in the target group. It is important to consider more than just technical people or those who self opt in to the cyber field. Cyber is relevant to all jobs. However, the education and training aspect of cyber is not made relevant to other than cyber focused career fields. Those who work in a range of career fields from business management to acquisition to medical to HVAC repair not only perform their jobs in the cyber domain and using a plethora of technology, but also are also crucial to strengthening the weakest link in cyber security. That is the human factor. These other career fields are also ancillary in cyber. For example, business decisions are often based on something other than security. However, if those in business administration and acquisition understood that security is worth the extra cost and why, better business decisions can be made. The inclusion and education of all career fields helps cyber overall.

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