5. Sharing of Threat Intelligence

Silos cripple information sharing--Mandate sharing

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Threat data sharing or cybersecurity-related information sharing is essential to the protection of the federal government, other critical infrastructure sectors, and to furthering cybersecurity for the Nation. The government needs to set the global standard on establishing an environment that facilitates threat data information sharing, it still operates in silos. Action must be taken to arm stakeholders with needed information to make decisions and take necessary actions to maintain enterprise situational awareness (know the attacker, their methodology, and their targets), protect and defend their networks, respond and recover to threats and incidents, and manage/mitigate cybersecurity-related risks.

Agencies and private sector entities must provide information at without fear of legal or regulatory repercussions. Considerations must be given to private sector entities providing information by creating limited liability protections when voluntarily disclosing threat information to the USG or other private entities to improve cybersecurity posture.

Threat data sharing must go hand-in-hand with robust privacy protections related to personal information. Threat information must remain technical in nature and not include any personally identifiable information.


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