6. Solving the Talent Search

Tech Platforms Can Reduce Pressure on Overburdened Workforce

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The evolution of the cyber attacker’s techniques, skills and tools has far exceeded the pace of the cyber defender’s. Throughout the public and private sector, from federal agencies to health insurance providers, emerging threats continue to wreak havoc on enterprise networks, applications and data. Incident response teams must move faster, but the tools they’ve been given to do the job aren’t fast enough in detecting, remediating or investigating incidents, especially at scale. New solutions are needed that enable IT operations and incident response teams to move quicker and act smarter across distributed networks, distributed clouds, and OS platforms while maintaining scalable performance.


The government would also benefit from reexamining the thinking behind how it approaches cybersecurity. A reevaluation of the efficacy of siloed efforts could help the government move from a layered approach to a more holistic approach. Siloed tools—which collect fragmented and outdated data—create a disconnect between the detection and remediation of security issues, making it much more difficult to boost the cybersecurity posture of the government as a whole.


Already overburdened security teams are overwhelmed on a daily basis by the mountain of alerts generated by security point solutions. Incident response teams are often forced to triage issues without the necessary context or with incomplete data due to the lack of visibility into systems within their environment, resulting in lengthy investigation cycles typically lasting months. Innovative technology platforms are available that can act as force multipliers to enable these individuals to rapidly do in minutes what would previously have taken a team of people weeks to complete. Whether working incident response or mundane tasks such as patch or SCAP compliance, businesses should seek solutions that produce enormous savings in terms of FTE and infrastructure resources to alleviate the challenges faced within modern, complex environments. This reduction in tools and manual processes required will directly and dramatically reduce pressures in the search for qualified candidates to fill the many billets across teams of individuals in various specialty areas.

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